Who is Kate?

Hello. My name is Kate Cary. For the past decade I’ve been writing under the pseudonym, Erin Hunter, along with Victoria Holmes – the wonderful editor and creator of all Erin’s stories – and Cherith Baldry, a talented and experienced writer in her own right.

Being one of the Erins has been a great way of getting to know publishing from the inside and it’s given me the chance to branch out and write delicious gothic fiction under my own name.

I love writing, and I love getting better at writing; I relish the endless challenge of becoming as good as my heros. (Patrick Ness is my current hero. His novel, The Knife of Never Letting Go left me breathless.)

Things you should know about Kate:

I never get bored.

I adore being warm.

Cooking for people I love gives me joy.

I have fallen into the Serpentine, built a smokehouse from an old whiskey barrel, climbed a mountain on the Isle of Skye, walked along Hadrian’s Wall, hand-reared a lamb, written a book that reached #1 in the New York Times Children’s Bestsellers List and learned to spin wool.

I don’t like to travel but I love to receive postcards from people who do.