Things to do when you have writers block…

This may well be the first in a loooonnnnng series…

Next time you’re pacing the floor wondering how you ever thought you could write, feeling too terrified to type a word because you know it will never be good enough, why not start work on that little writer’s sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of at the bottom of your garden. Order some wood, a saw and a drill and start drawing up plans.

Here’s inspiration – a gorgeous tiny house by a Finn called Robin Falck

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One Comment on "Things to do when you have writers block…"

  1. Memorybreeze
    08/10/2012 at 12:47 am Permalink

    Cool! I currently have writers block on my fourth book… I just don’t know what to write. Now I wanna build a small house in my yard. I mean, we have six acres of land, and my dad has three barns full of wood, tools, cars, etc.…

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